Why Disney Songs Are Great For Beginning Pianists

I love a lot of different styles of music, and I think that they all have their place for different types of situations, whether you want to relax, go for a run, or just chill out and have fun.

Finding Good Piano Songs To Practice

If you’re learning an instrument, any instrument, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you spend plenty of time playing music that you think is fun! In my opinion, too many new students lose interest in their instrument because of teachers that force them to practice scales and chords all the time, and then assign them pieces to work on that the student has never heard before!


That’s the fastest way to make practicing feel like a chore in my book! It’s also one of the reasons why I think Disney songs are great tunes for beginning students to learn, whether you’re playing them on piano, guitar, or any other instrument.

Disney is also a go-to spot for finding fun music to play for me and my students because so many of their songs are musically simple, but can be woven into intricate arrangements as well. That means that regardless of your skill level, whether you’ve been playing for 5 weeks or 5 years, you’ll probably be able to find a song that has an arrangement to meet your playing ability.

From simple versions that have a one line melody and easy chord accompaniment, to complex arrangements that sound like the video below, there are tons of options out there! Here’s one of my favorite sets of arrangements for an advanced pianist.

Where To Get The Sheet Music

Fortunately, it’s way easier to download sheet music for your favorite Disney songs than it used to be, and there are a number of different sites out there that can help you find what you’re looking for.

If you like the more recent movies and are a huge Frozen fan, you can download Frozen sheet music for piano here, or if you’d rather head back to the 90s, you can check out other favorites from classic movies, including Part of Your World from The Little mermaid or The Lion King’s Circle of Life sheet music.
Other great sites include onlinesheetmusic.com and sheetmusicplus.com, which have huge directories of music for all instruments and skill levels, available for purchase. You can either order a book containing a collection of songs, or download the music for an individual song or arrangement you want to play!



Learning to Play Easy Guitar Songs

If you’re trying to learn guitar, one of the most frustrating parts of starting out is that you feel like you can’t actually play any real songs.

I know I definitely have experienced this with every single new instrument I’ve tried to learn over the years, and guitar is certainly no exception.

The good news is that there are a few good options for songs that you can learn fairly quickly. In my mind, a good “easy” guitar song has a few characteristics: it only has a couple of chords that repeat throughout the song, those chords are all easy to finger on the fretboard, and the strumming pattern is simple, or could be simplified.

fretboard chart

In my view, it’s more important to focus on the chord changes and quickly moving your fingers between chords (especially if those chords are common patterns), than it is to try to focus too much on strumming. That’s why easy to follow strumming is so important to a good beginning song. It also gives you time to move your left hand into position for the next chord.

Easy Songs To Learn

Here are a few of my favorite songs to start out with on guitar.

Cat Stevens: Father and Son

I have to confess that Father and Son is one of my all time favorite songs, so I might have a little bias here. To me the magic is in both the music and the lyrics, which touch near and dear to any father’s heart. As a guitarist, the melody and chords are straightforward, making it a good song to play that can be learned quickly.

Learn how to play Cat Stevens’ Father and Son chords at OnlineGuitarTab.

Boston: More Than a Feeling

Another great tune to learn is More Than a Feeling by the rock band Boston. Like Father and Son, it’s also pretty easy to play, but has a completely different style. That makes it a great way to branch out into new musical genres without overwhelming a beginning student.

Get the More Than a Feeling tab to learn the full song.

There are of course lots of other good beginner guitar songs out there, but these two are at the top of my list for most students. Not only that, but most students are already familiar with the song, and take more quickly to songs they already recognize.


Effects of Music over the Human Body

Cute little girl playing the guitar

Most of us love to hear the music; music gives our mind a type of calmness that hardly anything else can give in such a short time period. For some among all the music lovers; music plays a vital role in their lives. Music is everywhere like the music during workout, walking down the road, in the party, at the club, in a movie song, etc, it can be easily heard every where around us. These beats and strings and re-energize or moods or even they can break down a person into tears. It has an amazing power that generates many effects over the human body, so let us see some of the effects of music over the Human Body.baby-headphones-dalam

Effects of Music:

  1. Improves verbal as well as visual skills:

Music has a great tendency of improving the verbal skills, as we continuously listen to the different words and sentences our mind develops a learning skill over those words so the verbal skills are improved, surprisingly in the past few years it has been found that listening to music on regular basis develops an effective and improved visual of an individual.

  1. Helps an aging brain:

Human brain recording information with headphones.

The sound of music helps an aging person as well as his aging brain to remain health at all times. The researches have proved that listening to your favorite music and especially when you are in old age helps you to remain healthy as well as helps your brain to remain healthy at all times. A healthy brain is much needed in the old age for proper functioning of the body. Even people who suffer from partial brain damages in their old ages have significantly regained their brains and improved their health.

  1. Takes out all the emotions:Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music n

Music has an incredible power to burst out all our hidden emotion, one can experience different emotions such as sadness, happiness, joy, excited, adventurous, pumped up, boosted, motivated, nationalism, lusty, love, etc. by listing to the different kinds of music. It makes your brain release a feel good chemical which is scientifically known as dopamine which makes us feel happy as eating a chocolate or even having sex and taking drugs.

  1. Blood Pressure and heart beat:

GP-checking-a-patients-blood-pressureWhether you are suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure in both cases the music works equally well. It helps you to maintain your heart beat to normal thus also helping you to maintain your blood pressure. By listening to music you brain releases another chemical i.e. endorphin which is very effective in maintaining the cardio-vascular health of the body, thus also keeping your heart health at all times.


  1. Improves the immune system and the sleep quality:

When we listen to music our mind gets De-stressed, and all our worries and tensions vanishes away. This helps us to sleep with a quality time and also it helps our body’s immune system to remain healthy and work properly against all diseases and harms that our body can suffer.

Music is a relaxing hobby, often doubling as therapy when in need

country-946706_640Music is the best therapy for any kind of mood. Laughter is said to be the best therapy of course, but also, as the modern saying goes, if you laugh for no reason, you need therapy. But music, you don’t have to force it unreasonably. It will take you where you want to go.

Many people have a fixed music genre or genres that they have identified as their favoritebass-913092_640e. But many have a very random taste in music that cannot be limited to any genre or any age. A lot can be said about a person’s personality from their taste in music. As opposed to the common belief that people who have a random taste in music are confused, or messed up, the truth is, these people are quite versatile, and capable of finding the beauty in everything.

For those who have always loved the old classic rock, you could be rigid and consistent, which is just two sides of the same coin. Those who love pop music are quirky and easy-going, with a simple yet strong personality. And those who believe in such conclusions drawn from individual taste in music need to know these are only some nonsense the internet makes you believe so that you keep on clicking those personality tests.


That did take an unexpected turn alright, but it is the truth. Even though music is capable of determining certain aspects about one’s personality, it all really varies from person to person. Things like what the certain genre of music or certain song makes you feel, when exactly you prefer listening to music, and when you like to go without it, everything makes a difference and a simple set of arbitrary questions on the internet does not help with that.

Music is therapy in itself. It works wonders for many people who are prone to stress and anxiety, or for those who feel low and can be uplifted with the music they like. There is no catch here. This is indeed true. There are also people for whom music does not work like magic. They may have different waywoman-977020_640s to help themselves, say food, cooking, or movies.

However, music is by far one of the commonest stress-busters and the commonest hobby among people worldwide. With all these genres, all these artists, and all the different types of music across the globe, maybe you still haven’t heard the type of music that would be magic for you. Not even one-tenth of all the variety reaches you. So explore some new genres of music, especially if you are very much into music or totally not into it yet. You deserve to find out what you are missing out on.

Music has been limited to a few genres to a great extent due to the ways the music industry works in. Instead of criticizing the pop stars who have risen to fame for various qualities that may or may not include their music, go find your genre, your type of music. Keep trying new things.